Dec 12, 2010


Spent my friday at Manhattanville College and

The ice from the outside- Playland
Beutiful view outside the rink, you can see
Long Island cross the water. North atlantic
ocean is on the other side of Long Island.

A beutiful beach.

Eric Lang with his wife and cute doughter.

The girls locker room.

-What ever you´ve got, we need it all the time-

Found this intresting treadmill, seems VERY tough.

Grand Central Station, beutiful ceiling.

Thinking of my Sister!

Apple store for technique freak´s.

The Big Piano.

Met Santa in the Lego store,
Merry Christmas everyone!

Had a lovely dinner and time in the NYC,
thank´s ladies!

Alot of beutiful horses on our way to Central

The ice rink in Central Park, with alot of skaters
and music!
My jacket, hat and gloves saved my trip,
it was very chilly.

Another part of the Park by night.


  1. Vilka fina bilder :) Verkar som du har haft det toppen därborta. Snart kommer du hem, alla längtar efter dig. Ses snart. Älskar dig <3 Sandra