Sep 30, 2011

Ufa vs Tornado

Getting prepared for the game at the hotel. Straightening my hair.

Kims position after breakfast today.

At the rink before the game, Elin´s preparing
with a banana.

I am getting ready with a hug with my dear manager Olga.

We had a great start at the game, 4-0 after the first period.

Faceoff in their end.

A cozy team dinner, my table with Gala, Kim and Kristina.
Always enjoying every meal, talking and laughing.


Just a very short video from the game, I am taking a shot on net.
I will score next time :) We won todays game 9-0.


Sep 29, 2011

In Ufa

So we packed our hockeystuff in Chelyabinsk yesterday and
went to the trainstation:

We loaded the bus with all our gear.

Went to the train station, tried to figure out when our
train was supose to leave, but it was hard to tell in Russian letters.

All our girls with their hockeybags right outside the train.

And here we are, inside the train carriage.
The VIP room. Sveta, Jana, Olga, Elin,
Mel, I, Shchuka and Sveta.

My roomies on the train, Mel, Kim and Elin.

After 9,5 hour on the night train we came straight to the rink
for our ice practise. I love Kim in this pictire, I captured the moment!

Ready to skate for one hour.

Then lunch at our hotel in Ufa.

Lunchtime, we had a great lunch, and a delicious dinner.
We got some pancakes for dessert, right ladies?!!
Just a couple haha!


I have to show you guys my videos, this is the train
video in Swedish, part 1. Just press the play button
to play the video.


And this is inside the train, part 2, english version.

Heading to bed now, preparing for the game tomorrow against Agidel
at 1pm. Night!! Danni

Sep 28, 2011


It´s been some great days here in Chelyabinsk:

We played all 3 games in a new arena, the home arena for
team Traktor that plays in the KHL. We won all three
games, 12-1,7-1 and 14-1. Alot of goals, but we can
only focus on our team and on our game plan. Play our
best and get prepared for the upcoming games.

Here is some pictures from this past monday. We had a
workout at the gym and then an ice session.

My great teammates, Jana, Marina, Sveta, Mel, Kristina,
Gala, Katja and Kim.

It can look like this when I get help from my doctor. He
is lifting me up, I like the pose, haha.

Got some birthday gifts from my friends, a Russian hat,
mittens and a scarf. Love it!

My Manager Olga had a little speach for me
before dinner and I got a bouquet of roses from
my teammates.

Me with my coaches, Club director, Doctor, Manager and
Equipment manager. Thanks alot!

Wonderful roses! They smelled soooo good!

I just love the smell of fresh roses.

A happy 27 year old girl.

Kim bought me my favorite ice cream from
Mc Donalds, yummy.

Here is the best Part..

Got an whole watermelon from my Russian friends,
Katia and Gashek. They knew that watermelon is
one of my favorite things in life.

Party at Mels and Elins room

We ate so much! It was soooo good! Thanks for a great night
ladies. I appreciate those small things in life. It means alot to me!

Today, wednesday, we are heading to Ufa by train. We will take
the night train and it will take about 8 hours to get there. In Ufa,
we will play 3 more games. I am hoping for 3 great games.


Sep 25, 2011

My Birthday

A year ago I went apple picking with my Canadien
family on my 26th birthday in Canada. Here is Cade, Jared,
Rhys and I. I had a great day and tomorrow I will
spend my 27th birthday with my Russian team in Chelyabinsk.

I have done alot of things the past year:

-Played hockey in Canada for Burlington
-Got a Canadian family
-Met ALOT of amazing people
-Flown about 27 times,all over North America, Europe & Sweden
-Went to Buffalo to watch the junior worlds
-Been to 8 NHL games
-Been to 6 AHL games
-Watched a baseball game
-Been to Florida twice
-Had some great sun stops with Haleigh
-Been to Disneyworld
-Played the World Championships in Switzerland
-Pulled my triceps
-Did an X-ray
-Went to Kelowna to practise for 5 weeks
-Went to a couple of hockeycamps in Sweden & Europe
-Worked at Olympic day
-Had a great Midsummer in Sweden
-Met some more amazing people
-Went to Båstad and Tylösand with some great girls
-Went seadoing
-Had alot og great dinners with my family & friends
-Went on a great National camp at beautiful Gotland
-Spent alot of great days with my loved ones
-Planned this season
-Packed and unpacked my suitcase and hockeybag MANY TIMES :)
-Met my new Russian team Tornado

And here I am!! Looking forward for another great year!

Många härliga minnen från detta året som gått och även
från mina födelsedagar. Kommer ihåg när jag var liten
och Pappa alltid organiserade och såg till att familjen kom
in med tårta och paket på sängen när man bodde hemma.
Men vaknade alltid extra tidigt de morgnarna när man var
liten och hörde dem göra sig i ordning utanför rummet
innan de kom in och sjöng. Kommer ihåg en speciell present
jag fick när jag var cirka 7 år av min lilla syster Sandra som
då var 4år. Jag fick en genomskinlig påse med vatten. I vattnet
fanns krussiduller av maskrosor som hon gjort själv,
kommer aldrig glömma hur stolt hon var över sin present!
Mamma, Pappa, Alex å Sandra - Älskar er!

Ha en underbar dag / Danni


Här kommer lite bilder från en bra söndag i Chelyabinsk:

Ett kort filmklipp ifrån dagens match mot Fakel.

Det blev mycket utvisningar i dagens match. Igår så
fick vi utskällning av tränaren gällande utvisningar. Så
han gjorde upp en ny regel: Den som får en utvisning för
dåligt uppförande, snack med domaren, får avdrag på
lönen. 10 000 rubels för 10min, ca 2 160kr.

Men vi var mest i deras zon, matchen slutade 7-1 till oss.

Kims första match, så kul att se roomie på isen
i hennes fina utrustning å mask. Nu väntar
vi bara på hennes klubbor som är påväg
från Canada.

Efter matchen gick vi ut på stan. Här står jag
på en speciell plats, på europas sida och Melissa på
Asiens sida jorden.

Våran klubb direktör Sasha och våran manager Olga bjöd
oss utländska spelare på lunch ute på en restaurang idag.

Började med lite hemlig dricka.

Sedan blev det lite olika förrätter och sallader.

Åt ko tunga för första gången, tillsammans med svampsås,
det var riktigt gott.

Avslutade med en god köttbit.

Fick en massage från Doctor efter middagen, han är riktigt
bra på att massera. Ingen massage bänk idag, då får man
ta det man har, sängen!


Sep 24, 2011

Hat trick

Äntligen var vi framme vid lördag, gameday:

Ready to go out and play!

I had to throw my runners in the garbage today,
2 years old. I will miss my nike´s!!
Bye bye, we share a lot of great memories!!

I was so excited for todays game. First game
for Me, Elin and Kim. I got the opening goal,
that meant a lot.

We diden´t start good at all, but it got better
in the second and third period. We won the
game with 12-1! I scored 3 goals, that was
a great feeling.

Elin got the price as the best player on the ice, congrats!

After our game we went to watch ballet.

Mel, Elin, Kim, Sveta and I with our great Manager Olga.

It was a great Theater here in Chelyabinsk.

And they performed so well, they where gorgeous!

Thanks ladies for a great night!

Got a banana delivery to my room right before
bedtime. My teammate Katja know that I like
to eat bananas during practise and games so she
bought me some. I didn´t even ask for it, she just
suprised me, that is so cute!!

New game tomorrow!!