Sep 3, 2011

Big Win

Above the clouds, on my way home to Sweden from St Johns.

Thanks to everyone that I worked with at the camp, Atlantic
Ice Warriors. I am so thankfull that I am a part of it and
so greatful for all the amazing people that I met during the week.
Memories for life.

Had a stop in London before I got to Stockholm, I am used
to look at the information board to find my connection flight.

Had flowers on the table when I stepped into the kitchen
in my apartment, Thanks to Alex and Marcus!

My Dad called me later during the day on wednesday and told me about
the BIG Great news in the 8-nations tournament, Sweden vs Canada, 6-4!!!!!!!
So happy and proud of my girls! Told all my Canadian friends about it, wanted to let
them know that we won against them. Second time in history, love it!

Went to my hairdresser and got some highligts,
It´s been a while since the last time.

Between all my travelling and my workouts I like to spend
some time with friends and my family, Dad, Mom, Sandra, Alex and
Marcus. I need that before I move to russia within 2 weeks.

Went to my second home, my home rink Ritorp for a practise
the other day. Spent the last 10 years here.

I love cars, found this one parked at the rink. I think it would
suit me, right?!!!

While I had an easy workout, Bella keept me company.
I love you!


Been on the ice with my Sister.

Tired but happy, alot of skating today.

Tomorrow, sunday, I am going to cheer for my
friend Lisa Ek. Her team Kopparbergs/Göteborgs FC
is playing at Stadion at 3pm. I played hockey with
Lisa many years ago, now she´s a soccer star!!!


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