Sep 19, 2011


All of us last night at Elin and Melissas place,
sitting with our computers and cellphones.
Happy that we have Internet and are connected
with the hole wide world!

We went to Moscow this morning to do some
tests at the hospital. It took us two and a half
hour to get there, I used my stop watch.

At the hospital..

Cheers, started with a urine test.

Waiting to get the blood test done. We also did an X-ray (röntgen).

After couple of hours at the hospital we stopped by Ikea
to get some stuff we needed. And I also found my Swedes
there, Caroline, Zackrisson and Fernholm that plays for
Atlant. That was a nice surprise to see u guys at Ikea in Moscow.

The city from a car view.

New stuff that we bought today.

My first home made meal in Russia!!

Looking forward to meet my team tomorrow and
have a ice practise and an off ice workout.



  1. Ser ju väldigt bra ut, D!
    Jättekul med bilder, massor av bilder!
    453 st har sett sässe-filmen nu!

    Pelle b

  2. Lever min dröm!! Härligt med filmen!! Hoppas den hjälper dig! Kram från Ryssland