Sep 29, 2011

In Ufa

So we packed our hockeystuff in Chelyabinsk yesterday and
went to the trainstation:

We loaded the bus with all our gear.

Went to the train station, tried to figure out when our
train was supose to leave, but it was hard to tell in Russian letters.

All our girls with their hockeybags right outside the train.

And here we are, inside the train carriage.
The VIP room. Sveta, Jana, Olga, Elin,
Mel, I, Shchuka and Sveta.

My roomies on the train, Mel, Kim and Elin.

After 9,5 hour on the night train we came straight to the rink
for our ice practise. I love Kim in this pictire, I captured the moment!

Ready to skate for one hour.

Then lunch at our hotel in Ufa.

Lunchtime, we had a great lunch, and a delicious dinner.
We got some pancakes for dessert, right ladies?!!
Just a couple haha!

I have to show you guys my videos, this is the train
video in Swedish, part 1. Just press the play button
to play the video.

And this is inside the train, part 2, english version.

Heading to bed now, preparing for the game tomorrow against Agidel
at 1pm. Night!! Danni

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