Sep 24, 2011

Hat trick

Äntligen var vi framme vid lördag, gameday:

Ready to go out and play!

I had to throw my runners in the garbage today,
2 years old. I will miss my nike´s!!
Bye bye, we share a lot of great memories!!

I was so excited for todays game. First game
for Me, Elin and Kim. I got the opening goal,
that meant a lot.

We diden´t start good at all, but it got better
in the second and third period. We won the
game with 12-1! I scored 3 goals, that was
a great feeling.

Elin got the price as the best player on the ice, congrats!

After our game we went to watch ballet.

Mel, Elin, Kim, Sveta and I with our great Manager Olga.

It was a great Theater here in Chelyabinsk.

And they performed so well, they where gorgeous!

Thanks ladies for a great night!

Got a banana delivery to my room right before
bedtime. My teammate Katja know that I like
to eat bananas during practise and games so she
bought me some. I didn´t even ask for it, she just
suprised me, that is so cute!!

New game tomorrow!!



  1. God natt på er!! Själv ska man ut i Stockholmsnatten nu:) kram Sandra