Jun 1, 2011

What goes around comes around

Two great days so far:


2 h ice pactise with the Girls

2 h ice practise with Dave

Dan saved my day, he helped me start my dead car!


2 h game, mixed teams junior boys and girls, my team won!!

2 h ice practise with Dave, alot of skating

Helped the girls at skills, did some chin ups and rehab

Got a new Canadian phone

Made a lovely dinner


Skyped with my dear Kim

My favorite evening snack, oatmeal crisp with fresh

strawberries and blueberries.

Made my favorite taco pie for dinner today. It is very
important that you eat good food and alot of food when
you practising alot. I eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, evening
snack and even eat some bananas and yougurt or smoothies
after my workouts.

What goes around, comes around. Got a nice bruise from Alaska
the other day. I give away so many bruises so I gess I have to
get some sometimes. My Sister Sandra and all my Team mates
knows how it feels, don´t you??!!

Night Canada, Good morning Sweden!


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