Jun 8, 2011


Celebrated the National day of Sweden with my Swedish


Went on the ice with Dave this morning, this was the time

when I was back at my house, 8.10 am. I was on ice 6.15 for one

hour. I broke my record, never been on the ice that early before.

My girls before our practise.

We survived the run!!! Alot of up hill until we finally made it down
hill and back to the rink, great job ladies!! Billie I am glad we found you!
I bet we runned about 5km with the biggest hills I have ever

Some skating with Dave.

Some more.

This is what I do when I am not at the rink or at the gym,

making breakfast, lunch or dinner and eating. I love the first

meal of the day, breakfast. Made some Swedish pancakes

with fresh strawberries and avocado sandwiches.

My dinner today, tacos.


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