Jun 10, 2011


Have a great friday everyone!!!

This is what our off ice looked like yesterday.

I am glad that Andew was helping you Huber.

The Team, great job. Huber you sad that you where sored

from yesterday, think of Andrew =)

Two hours later and we where done.

This is what you found in my freexer in Kelowna,

frozen strawberries and a Rollo Sundae, love it!

Crazy athletes start their day early, I was on the ice at 6 am

this morning. I love all of you that go up that early and

does your thing, no matter what! Don´t forget that I think

you guys are AMAZING!!


My skating video for those who have not seen it, press the Play button / Danni


  1. Träna på nu och snart är du hemma igen, vi har riktig sommar här i Swe. Lovely! Ikväll ska vi till Chrissi på middag och balkonghän sen ut på stan.

    Du får bli min PT när du kommer hem, behövs verkligen!

    Puss Sandra

  2. Imponerande skridskoåkning! Fortsätt kämpa på! Tack för besöket i lördags. Jag hör av mig om jag lyckas klura ut något ur veckans möte.
    /Lisas Björn