Dec 2, 2012

December In Lugano

It´s already december, time flies by. Happy that my lovely friend is here.
We had a couple of great days together.

Went downtown and saw the beautiful christmas tree.

 Had dinner, tried our new raclette grill.

Karin´s bed, our little guest bed.

We ate some expensive and delicious chokolate.

Home made chai tea ala Karin with my Dad´s home made buns (lussebular).

 Alot of breakfast.

Yesterday was our Team Dinner and Christmas Party.

My hole Team at the Restaurant Club 41. We had foundue.

 We played against the best team in the league yesterday, Zurich. We won the game with 3-1, first win in two seasons. love it!

Katia, Me and Sara.

We went for a walk today, I love my new home. But most of all I love my family, friends and my boyfriend. Thank you all, you make me happy!

Time do just relax and let my body rest this afternoon after a great week with alot of practises. Time to get ready for my Swedish tv show- Solsidan!


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