Jul 18, 2010

Karate with Sandy

Yesterday we had karate on the schedule. Sandy
trained us. Last year she won the swedish-, European- and
the Wold Championships, Congratulations! We did everything
we could to be as good as possible. We have a lot to learn
when it comes to flexibility and streching.

Sandy Rantsow is redy to begin the practice with us.

We startet with different sprint races.

We competed 1 against 1 and I competed against Jeppe.

The girls were ready to start.

We did some leg workout.

Sandy shows us the agility.

Ready to hit!

Magda is receiving from Isabell.

Elin has a funny face while she is working out.

I was hard to Jeppe.

But it punished me.

The Canadien Coach Peter Smith becomes more
and more swedish.
Kevin in the dressing room.
Today I am having a day of. I have been practicing 26 times
since monday night. I am proud of myself and the girls!

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  1. BRA jobbat!! Så kul att se er svettas och allt jag behövde var att ta bilder : ) tack för en rolig kväll igår !!