Jul 13, 2010

Swish Camp

Today was a tough day. Ice X3, off-iceX2, hard work !!!
Tomorrow it´s time again, alarm set 7.30 am and we´re on again. I can´t say I don´t enjoy beeing on the ice that much, it´s awesome !

Me, Pernilla, Erica, Flemming and Kim in our nice jerseys !

Kim on the way to the rink.

Anders did off-ice with the girls in the afternoon and of course I joined.
Abb workout was good but the leg workout was really tough !

Workout in pairs, Anna Borgfeldt and Olivia Justin.

A happy Olivia Justin even if it´s a tough pratice.

Madde and Michelle, during leg workout !

Elin Lundberg from Leksand.

Soccer.. Black team won and white team had to do a lot of push-ups.

My group, Mighty Ducks and the other leaders.

Me and one of the best goalies in the world, Kim Martin on the ice.
Little bit taller and bigger than you.

Kim and I in close up

Every single year at the camp everybody sign a Swish hockey flag with their autograph. Pretty fun to see your autograph during all the years you´ve been on this camp. We have players who´ve been here 10 years.

My little brothers autograph 2005.

My sisters autograph 2005.

Instead of "From shit to castle" it is "From castle to shit".
I moved from Örenäst Slott (a castle hotel) to a classroom.
This is the place where all the leaders and players sleep.
we won the game tonight, feels great. "Mighty Ducks" against "Dallas Stars".
Sleep tight

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