Feb 8, 2011


What a wonderful day! Landed in Orlando at 2 pm, so hot! Lovely!
We picked up a nice white car and stopped at the hotel, left for
Universal Studios City Walk, had dinner, went back to the hotel,
chilled in the hottub and now in the bed blogging. Thank´s Ted
for the ride to the airport in Toronto early this morning!!
Haleigh an I in the car heading to the hotel, a gentleman in
the car ahead kindly drowed us right to the front door of our
hotel. Alot of great people out there!

- Sunshine State-

Quick stop at the hotel.

Then time from Universal Studios City Walk.

NBA restaurant.

We went to Hard Rock, first time for both of us and we liked it!
So hungry so we could order the hole menu.
Ordered a wildberry smoothie, so good!
Pasta with chicken breast and alot of vegetable´s, delicios!

After dinner we where just chillin and talking, and I looked at
my watch. I asked Haleigh for the time because I thought for
sure that it was almost 11pm. It was only 7.50pm!!! Haha
the old ladies went home.

Arrived at the hotel and got dressed for the hot tub.
Me and Haleigh.

The pool area.

We finished the day with a movie and a hot tub.
Heading to Miami tomorrow.
Danni and Haleigh

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  1. Amen orka va nice! Det är du värd. Gissa vad din syster har gjort? en tatuering!! Nej jag skoja bara, jag har precis haft min första körlektion ;) Nu jäklar är det farligt på vägarna!

    Ser ut som ni har det fantastic! Ta vara på tiden och sola på!

    Vi saknar dig, Puss <3 S