Feb 3, 2011

Snow day!

Snow day today!! That mans that the kids doesn´t have shool and that the parents can´t work because of snow. Have that ever happened in Sweden? not in my lifetime. All the neighbours on the street was shoveling all day long, and we had ALOT of snow.
I stayed inside during the hole day, cleaning and making lunch and preparing dinner, before it was time for practice. Our team practice was optional today because of the snow and some girls where stuck at home. So I took my Canadian family to the rink and we where skating with the boys. Fran was skating with hockeyskates for the first time in her life. I also got her to put on my hole equipment, you looked great Fran =) I have to take a walk in the snow tomorrow, hope we get some sun.



  1. Bonjour Danijela
    This Thursday morning, everything is in slow motion in Montreal. It fell from 20 to 25 cms of snow. I am on the cleaning for the sir mailman.

    If the team of Burlington Barracudas comes to play in montreal, Please said to the Bus driver to be careful on roads.

    See you again soon on Saturday and Sunday
    Pass a good time in Canada

    (a old fan of Montreal Stars)

  2. Thanks for the hockey experience Danni...my body tells me...that hockey is a great deal of work!...my heart tells me...how lucky you are to do this for a living! Good for you continue living your dream! Xoforever your Cdn mom