Apr 2, 2011

My week

Arrived in Stockholm tuesday morning and been doing ALOT

since then: Met my family and friends, skating/practising, got a

haircut, went out for lunches and dinners, done laundry, unpacking

and organized all my stuff, meetings etc.

My stuff is all over my hallway, trying to unpack my bags from

the last 6 months. Time to pack a bag for the next camp now..

Have alot of great Memories from Canada, here is some of them.

Went to alot of games the past 6 months: One baseball game, 6

AHL games, 8 NHL games and two junior World games. And

I haven´t payed a single Thanks to: Brian, Linnéa, Andreas,

Nicklas, Jonas, Tim, Jason, Mike, Moto and Cam!

Going away for a camp with the National Team on Monday, so excited

to see everyone and practice with all the great girls!!

Have a great Saturday / Danni

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