Apr 21, 2011

Tina Thörner

Day off in Zürich:

Today we had the opportunity to listen to Tina Thorner, she gave us a lot of insight to mental preparation which was very helpful for us. She is an amazing speaker and so full of energy, it was a great experience for our team and we are very thankful we got the chance to listen to her.

Gunilla had a radio interview.

Me and Tina, a hockey player and a profesional rally co-driver.

SVT, swedish tv, joined us.

We went down town Zürich in the afternoon. Kims Dad Flemming,
Me and Kim outside Starbucks.

Me and my Dad chared a Bana Split.

The gang at the cafe, we got alot of D-vitamins from the sun.

Tomorrow we play a quarterfinal against Finland at 4pm, 16.00 local time.


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