Apr 21, 2011


Congratulations US for the big win today, 9-1, we lost big time. We only played good in the last period. I am very disappointed but that turns in to hunger for the quarterfinal on friday. We are a great team and we will show u guys that in the next game. Now it´s time for bed.

Dream Big / Danni

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  1. Bonjour Daniejela
    I have look the match the USA-Sweden on internet (thanks so much to SVT) I hope to see the other matches of your national team. You should not loose courage. The road is very long for a medal. I wish with all my heart that Sweden takes gains a medal (bronze or silver for Sweden--- the gold for us canada). But the road will be long. A Canadian proverb in the soccer said ''' Pain is temporary. Pride is forever'''.

    The next match Sweden-Finland is major. I shall think of you. Your team has to win this match.

    J'espère regarder ce match sur SVT via Internet
    Bonne Chance

    Allez la Suède

    (a old fan of montreal Stars)