Jul 1, 2011

Family & Friends

My last two weeks has been great. I have been enjoying every

day with my family and friends back home in Sweden. My family

and friends means the most to me. They support me and

my hockey 100%, could not ask for more.

Jonsson, Richard and I is heading out to Kungsängen for a Swedish Midsummer Party.
Midsummer in Sweden, happy swedes!
Me and some of my crazy friends.

Me and my friend "Jonsson".

Dinner with friends at Texas Longhorn. The best Karin and Tobbe,
great company, except for the guy at the table behind us =)

Me and my lovely little sister Sandra.

Had a bbq with my friend Jessica, Eric and their
kids Malin and Mattias.

Had a great day in Stockholm with my friends. We
went seedooing, so much fun, thanks Jimmy.

A great day, all I need is oil, music and...

..alot of sun!! Love it!!

Me and my dad went kayaking, it was so nice, thanks Dad!

Swedish water is to cold for me, I am such a chicken..

Me and my hockey chicks off ice. Gunilla, I, Åsa and Holst.

Can´t wait for next week, heading to Bratislava for a hockey camp

for one week.

Have a great weekend / Danni

I will soon let you know where I will play next season, coming up in a couple

of weeks. I am so excited!!!!

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