Jul 10, 2011

One more day

Time just flies by, I been in here in Bratislava fore almost one week now.
Met amazing players from all over the world, had some great workouts
on and off the ice, interesting meetings, great food, been enjoying the sun,
I learned alot from all of you! Thanks for sharing some
great memories!

I am trying to score at the practise.

We are listening to our coaches.

Trying to score on Kess but she makes a great save as always.

Me and Annina is battling for the puck.

Having a talk with my linemates.

Visiting our under 18 players at their hotel.

We had a body fat test the other day, they measure
how much fat we have in kg and %.

Our goals for one of our games.

We need our hockey sticks, mine is the long ones.

Annina, Kess and I at the rink today. Two great
players and great friends!!! Annina playes for team
Finland and Christina Kessler for team Canada.

Looking forward for the last day tomorrow, because we play
a game against team red at 7pm.


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