Dec 9, 2011

Cozy Friday

I am back in Sweden after spending last weekend in Austria with my team Tornado. We played three games in the second round of European cup. We won all three games so we are in the finals in februari. Hopefully Dornbirn will host the finals so we will be back there, and the beautiful mountains will be covered with snow by then.

Dad and I after the last game, thank you Dad for coming and
supporting me and my team.

Got some chocolate before one of the games, tryed one and then all of a sudden
I had a bunch of them at my place in tle looker room, Spatsiba Sestra Ina.

After the last game was played, we went to the pool at the hotel, and leaxed in the Spa section.

Monday morning at the airport, Kim and I with your Dad´s and Elin.

Beautiful view abow the clouds, I always wanted to paint light blue clouds
up in the ceiling in my bedroom at home. I think it would be nice.

My to do list in Stockholm this week, some training and
meet a lot of friends. Love it!

Went and recycled some plastic bottles.

Went to a Swedish grocery store, walked around in the store for two hours, haha.
Love our stores and our food here in Sweden. Frank, this picture is for you, Florida
juice :)

Had some great dinners and good breakfast with my loved ones.

Met my dear Bea down town Stockholm, also Jessika and Bella.
Met my dear Gellan too, see you on sunday!


Went to my second home yesterday, Ritorp. Had a great run
and the ice session with our junior boys and our great coaches.

My gear and stuff in my looker room. Thanks Roggan for everything!

Always sweaty and happy after the workouts at Ritorp.

Have a great Friday, wherever you are!
As we say in Sweden- Fredagsmys! = Cozy Friday!

Loeads of Love Danni

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