Aug 25, 2011

Atlantic Ice Warriors

The Hockey Camp starts today with the Atlantic Ice Warriors.
I am looking forward for a great week with all the kids and the staff.
I will be an instrictor for the girls group.

We started of with a gym session with Ryan yesterday.
Ryan in is gym, Ryan is a Sport Conditioning Specialist &
a fitness instructor. He has a background as an professional
hockeyplayer and he has a great personality. I got to know
Ryan last year when we played a 4-nations cup in St Johns and
practised in Clarenville with the Swedish National Team.
And now I am back, working for him at his hockey camp!

Ryan had a workout session with me and John.

Kettlebell swing.

Making sure that I push my hips forward..

Flexibility and legs..

Push ups..

Figure eights with the kettlebell.

Ryan is turning up the restistance for us..

Special moment, right before someone had to puke.. twice.. John..:)

Love this car, I want a black one, convertible. Had to take a
picture of it Dustin.

Got a Booster Juice, limited edition Blue Jays with
extra protein, soooo good!!

After lunch we went to the lake for a boat ride, lovely.

Heading to the rink now / Danni

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