Aug 14, 2011


Got my Russian nickname, Danka. The young girls call me
Danka and the rest calls me Danni.

Some more pictures from last game:

Tornado in the offensive zone.

My teammates. Tomorrow we start to play our tournament
in Czech Republic. I am looking forward to play some games.
We will play 4 games, 4 days in a row.

This is from our warm up yesterday.

Wheelbarrow with a partner.

Some more warm up...

-Tornado 2011/2012-

After some great days with hard workouts and training we had
a day off. So we went for a walk in Puchov and watched
a movie at the hotel.

Kim and I.

Nice little walk down town.

We watched 24/7 Pittsburg & Washington,
great movie. I liked your song Nicklas!!

I like the food at our hotel in Slovakia, and the soup before
our meals are delicious!

Sorting our laundry.

The Swedes and the Canadian is trying to learn some russian.
Thanks to our Manager Olga!

You create your life through your thoughts and feelings / Danni

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  1. Haha som mamma brukar kalla dig! Det låter som namnet på en såndär rysk liten docka...:) Bra uppdatering keep it coming. Ska bli kul när du kommer hem till Sthlm igen lycka till på turneringen! Puss S<3