Aug 18, 2011

First place

Have had a great camp in Slovakia and Czech with my new
team Tornado.

Thanks roomie for a great week!

Our pre game skate this morning.

We had a great start in the final game today and we
scored! Love it!

Love the hugging part!

Elin infront of the net after she scored.

Our captain Olga with the Trophy.

Winner of the Czech Womens Summer Cup 2011!

Heading back to Sweden tomorrow morning, will spend my
friday at home in Stockholm. Fredagsmyyyyys!!


1 comment:

  1. Bra jobbat, såg första perren!! Skönt att starta säsongen med en vinst :) Snart sitter du på planet till oss, putsa dansskorna!

    Puss the one and only commentarius