Aug 8, 2011


At Stockholm/Arlanda Airport this morning. Elin, Kim and I
with all the equipment. Thanks to the lovely guy at the check
in desk, he was soooo helpful!!! Heading to a training camp
with our new club team Tornado.

Above the cloudes, so wonderful.

Our Manager Olga picked us up at the airport in Wien. We
went with a mini bus 3 hours to Slovakia, Putchov.

My new team Tornado.

Kim is my roomie at this camp and we share a California King bed,
love it.

Our first workout at the gym, only one hour after we arrived.

Almost 2 hours later, 1hour and 56 minutes, we finished
our first workout with our new teammates.

Getting stronger.

We had a amazing apetizer befor dinner today, doesn´t look that good
but it was delicious!! We had chicken and rice for dinner. And after that a
grabbed one more bowl of fresh fruit =)

Has been a great first day with the Team / Danni


  1. Skönt att se att allt har gått bra för er att komma fram, skulle också behövt det där gympasset! Mitt högra knä behöver stärkas lite efter denna sommar ;)

    Hälsa och sov gott!


  2. Snyggast i Grimsta(När du e i Ryssland)August 9, 2011 at 8:37 AM

    Hoppas d går bra borta i Rascha!

  3. Ryssland?! Jisses vad coolt! Kommer gå skitbra,jag håller tummarna för dig. Akta så du inte blir bortrövad bara! :)
    Kram M