Aug 9, 2011

Day 3

Been in Puchov for three days now. We have hade 6
workouts, 1 on ice and 5 off ice. It´s been though days
but I have enjoyed every day here with my new team.

The Arena in Puchov.

We find our scedule for the day down in the lobby,
this is a typical day at the camp.

We had one of the thoughest days yesterday, a deadly
obstacle course (hinderbana). We where nervous before
we started but we made it and did very well.

It took us about less then a minute to run through it,
here is the end of it.

Here is the start, I am ready to start with 5 push ups..

Then jumping, some core, jumping again, arm strength and then run
all the way back. Everything in less then a minute.
6 times, 3 sets.

Kim is jumping.

Me and Kim is talking while we are recovering.

A tired hockeyplayer.

Team dinner, the food is very good at the hotel.

Me in the afternoon, nap time! The best part of the day between
the workouts.

Today we had a workout in the noon for 2 1/2 hours. First gym and then
a 6 km run. It was hard and I was so happy when we where done!

Take care / Danni

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