Mar 13, 2012

Tornado 2011/2012

I had a great year in Russia this season.

European Champions 2011/2012.

Played with so many great players.

Me and Kim in Moscow. Been all over the world, traveled together for 10
years now. Great memories for a lifetime.

Won a tournament in Czech republic.

Met alot of people.

Learned some Russian, understand more then I ca talk but I
like it.

Had alot of practises on and off ice. Played alot of games
and got alot of ice time. What a great year.

Russian Champs 2011/2012.

Off to Sweden for I while before I decide what to do next season.
Time for some practise in Sweden now.


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  1. Låt oss först och främst hoppas på en säker resa hem till Sverige! :) Sen hockey VM den 7:e April...awesome :D