Sep 12, 2012

Junior practise

Hello from Lugano.

Made my favorite dinner today, chicken, spinach, tomato sauce, garlic
and baby tomatoes with pasta.

Went for a walk yesterday, this is by the lake, outside my house.

This is what my soul needs, I am just missing one person, then I am all set. 
Hope to se you soon MittMutt!

My lovely friend Cecilia is coming to Lugano to visit me in october, I am so happy!
 Cecilia´s list with stuff she will bring, lovely.

Everywhere I move I always go to Ikea and by the stuff that I need.
Even in Lugano.

My conversation with Kim, sorry buddy but I tricked you!!!

This will not be our team cars, sorry but I had to :)
Miss you and I love you "sambo" :)

Heading to practise now with Lugano´s junior boys.


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