Sep 10, 2012


Should I start to write in english again? I might have to do that. So last friday we started our training camp, or actually thursday night in Lugano. After our ice practise friday morning we went on a roadtrip. We had a training camp in Lenzerheide for three days, 2,5hour drive from Lugano.

 Look at this view, the bus ride went fast, I fell asleep. Lenzerheide is
1500 meters above the sea.

My spot in the locker room. "Gellan" is it ok? :)

 We had alot of great ice practises. My linemates were Kira and "Mini".


This was unreal, we went to the pool saturday afternoon after the practise.
Sitting in an outdoor pool, over 30 degrees in the water, sun, blue sky and surrounded
by all those beautiful mountains. What a great way torelax for a bit when you´r
on a training camp.

The hotel we stayed at. A typical ski resort.

We had our own Team Menu each day, wish it was like this every day.

One meal? No this is just a starter, love it!!! Each meal started with a
starter (salad, soup and fruit), then the main course and after that a dessert.

Me outside the hotel.

Our house for the weekend. Do you see the towel on one of those chairs? Where did that come from?

On the ice again, great speed and we got better and better during the camp.

Water brake.


My teammates! My black team won the "huge" trophy, good job everyone!
If you look very carefully you could see that small cup in the middle.

 We had two locker rooms, so we got ALOT of space, I like it.

I found a picture of our great Swede Anja Pärson at the hotel. Anja has competed here alot of times and she has alot of great memories from these mountains.

The girls outside the rink, waiting for the bus to drive us back to Lugano.
A hockey player can take a rest everywhere, look at the furthest girl, love it.

New week, alot of things to do. Today- lunch with a great friend of mine and then leave
for Ikea and I also have to wash all my laundry today.

Miss my "MittMutt" soooooooo much!

Love Danni

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