Nov 17, 2012

Big Win

We played Langenthal tonight, we won 11-0. That was like a warm up for the big game that is coming up tomorrow against Zurich. We play Zurich at home in Lugano at 6.15pm on sunday. Welcome!

I was at the rink waaay before anyone else today. Love to have some time to get ready, peaceful and quiet.
Even though I love the girls and I laugh so hard everytime I see them, thank you ladies!

 I had a photoshoot today for a magazine.

 They took alot of pictures, at the hotel Delfino and outside the hotel on my bike.

 We went to Italy for lunch, or did we?! :)

 Me and Dad after the game.

 Dad is here to visit me for 10 days.

 Lugano, love it!

Bedtime, big game tomorrow / Danni


  1. ahahaahh...i loved the warm up from yesterday..xD
    with the baquette and the banana....='D
    it was soooo funny....^^

  2. Excellent post! I like this...Thanks for sharing!