Nov 29, 2010

Win aginst Toronto

Yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!! We won our game
today against Toronto, with 4-1. It was a tough
game and Kessler did some amazing saves.
Great work ladies! I am very proud!

My friend Kennedy and her parents came and
cheered for us today, I am glad you guys came!

My brothers, Cade, Jared & Rhys cheered for us
to. Fran, Apa,Papa and Brian, Thank u for coming!
I will not forget Mats & Jimmy for bringing the
good luck =)

Sam with the puck.


Team Barracudas after the win, lovely!

We had an autograph session right after the game.

Alot of young girls and boys got our autographs,
both from Burlington and Toronto. This is all
my teamates.

I met alot of young hockeyplayers.

And some where very small and very cute!

Had a big dinner at home before we had a
family dinner at East Side Marios, so
I just got some bread and a baby pizza,
and of course Ice tea.

Good night / Danni

Christmas decoration

Just wanna show you my neighbors Christmas decoration. It´s ALOT of lights in different colors AND they ar connected to a radio chanel, 90.1. So the light turns on and of to the rhythm of the music. Check the video below!!!

We where sitting in the car when we recorded this movie, and had the radio chanel 90,1 on, crazy!! All my Swedish friends, we will never se this back home =)


Nov 28, 2010


Today we play against Toronto at Appleby Ice Centre at 12.30 pm, all of you are very welcome to come and cheer for your favorite team! Lets go Barracudas!


Friday & Saturday

I went to the Real Sports bar in Toronto
this friday with some friends.

With over 25,000 square feet and 199 TVs it
is pretty much impossible to miss the game, or games.

We had some starters and I had a meal, hungry
as always. Thank you so much Ted Wilkie for taking
care of me and my friends.
Moulson, "MTV", Bevan and Shaw.

The big screen in the centre of the main viewing
area, touted as the largest indoor HDTV in north

The Swedish newspaper was here today, Mats and
Jimmy from Aftonbladet, they are coming to our
game tomorrow against Toronto. We play at Appelby
Ice Centre at 12.30, welcome!
Made my pinaple pie for dessert after our family dinner.

Cade in his Swedish outfit today.
Have a nice weekend / Danni

Nov 26, 2010


Today we went on the treadmill with Rodney
at the Skating Lab Inc.

Ready to start!
We had to try it with a stick in our hands today.
It is hard to just focus on the skating technique,
even harder with a stick in your hands. Rodney
is coaching us, he tell us what to do better every
time whe are up there, it´s so good!

Nina with her goalie pads, skating backwards.

Haleigh at the treadmill, great work!
Trying to focus on my full stretch on my legs,
from knees to toes, have som work left to do on
my left leg...
After practice we had some sushi, lovely. I even got
sushi for dinner with my family =)
Have a great friday / Danni

Nov 25, 2010

First skating

Cade was skating for his first time ever yesterday!

Fran is dressing him for his skating.

I helped Cade on the ice, and he was so good!
He had great balance, even thogh it was his first
time ever on the ice. And he enjoyed every minute
out there!

Cade in the red Canadian jersey with his friends
on the ice.

Cade is trying to get up by himself.

I helped him out a couple of times.

Cade, Me and Hudson after the skating.

And when we where going back to the car, Cade sad:
"I am so proud of you Danni, for helping me out there"
Me and Fran almost started crying, that was so cute!!


Me and Lil Payne

Carmen (our physiotheraphist) had her camera at the
practice today, and she e-mailed me this picture:

Me and my team mate Natalie Payne, I
will now call u "Lil Payne" =)

Made one black and wite, better??!

Good night / Danni

Nov 24, 2010


I don´t have kids of my own, but I have many
kids that I take care of here in Canada, and
I love them all!

I helped Elaine with her kids today, Jack, Hunter
Keyla, Ian, Megan & Zack. They love to play
with their Play-Doh.
My kids at home, Tyson, Kennedy an Noa. Some
of the kids are missing in the picture plus my
little brothers Cade, Jared and Rhys.
Alex "Moto" with his milk bottle.

Thank u so much Alex dad Mark for the tickets
today!! He got me tickets for the Leafs vs Montreal
on december 11th.
Good night / Danni

Nov 23, 2010

Great practice

We had a great practice last night, here´s some

We had alot of shooting in the end, I love to
practice on my shot, I think we all do.
I just had to Kess, I never score
with my backhand =) Wiiiee!!
Ser ut som ett Bella mål =)
Nina in the net, Bevan and Kessler.

K. Stewart and Mal Johnston, even thogh Stewart
has Hart´s jersey.

Great pose by Moulson this time!

Pat in one zone, working with our defence.

More shooting..

Was it heavy Viner? =)

A. Stewart after practice.

Nina and I after practice.
Thank u girls for a great practice, alot of hard work!
Good night / Danni

Nov 22, 2010


Met my Swedish friends yesterday in Toronto,
we had some food, went to a hugely mall and
had a nice dinner at home.

Me, Kimpa, Emelie and Filip in Eaton Centre.

We should have seen Santa Claus in the parade,
but my planes changed and I went to a mall
with all the Swedes. Emelie showed me the store
called Forever 21, and I think we where in there
for one hour. We did some shopping and after
that we grabbed some coffe at Starbucks before
we went home.

Me and Emelie went to buy som groceries, made
a lovely dinner and then it was time to me to get
to the train that took me home to Burlington,
Jonas signed some things for me before I had to go,
good luck at tonights game!!
I passed CN Tower, beutiful by night!

Ted picked me up at the train station , Thank you
so much!! When I came back home, they had started
to put up all the christmas decorations and christmas
trees. So cozy! Just have a couple of gifts left to buy,
almost done!
Sorry Haleigh and Nina for my changed plans yesterday!
Time for a little run now and tonight it´s ice practice
with the team!