May 30, 2011

Golfing Sunday

The sun came for a visit today, it was wonderful! We
went golfing at lunch time, Me, Michaela, Alaska and Alivia.

Alot of golf balls to hit.. who suggested that we where buying a large bucket?!

It was a long time since the last time I was at a golf range.

It was fun and I did pretty well. I hit the ball 150meters
almost every time, 175 meter was my record for the day.
I better keep on practising so I can start play for real soon.

Memories, went for a walk down town Kelowna down by the lake,
I miss my Swedish girls. This was our home with the national
Team twice and last time right before the Olympics.

Music + Sun = Me like!!!

Had sushi for dinner, sooooo good!

Preparing for a great week with alot of hours on the ice

and off ice practises. Looking forward to it! Prepared a good

pasta sallad for lunch tomorrow.


May 29, 2011


Had a great dinner and evening last night at Cabana with

my friends. Went to watch the soccer game today, Champions League,

Barcelona vs Man. United with Jan and his hole soccer team. We

had a nice bbq after.

Sedish candy...Mmmmmmm soooo good! Karamellkungen I love you!

Thanks Pernilla, good luck at your games in Van.


May 27, 2011


Heading to the rink soon to have ice practise with my girls. It´s friday and I love it! Hope the sun is coming to Kelowna soon, I miss it!! Went to watch Hangover part 2 last night, it was hilarious and crasy, so much fun!! Have a great friday everyone, wherever you are in the world!


May 25, 2011

Never ever give up

Just came back home from Boston Pizza, we watched the Canucks vs Sharks, Sedin & Co won and are in the finals. Hopefully against Boston. Thanks Grant and Randy for great company!

Had ice practise this morning between 8am to 10am with just me and Dave. It was tough both mentally and physically. And alot of practises will be like that but you have to keep up the good work and finish them. When you want to get better as an athlet you have to practise alot and step out of your comfort zone. That is not always fun or easy, but it will make you get better and develop, and thats what we want. It´s all about hard work, never, ever give up!

Hoping that I will find some great sponsors soon so I can continue my workouts and play full time hockey. I know I will I am just curious to know who it will be and who wants to work with me this year. I appreciate all support I get and I give back more then I get. If you have any questions or wants to support, let me know:

You can get it if you really want.


May 23, 2011


Went to Vancouver this weekend to suprise Haleigh on her birthday!

I was so excited!!!

Borrowed a nice car, wish I could keep it forever, thanks Dave.

Happy driver.

We drove past alot of mountains on my way to Van.

Me and my dear friend Megan. Thank u so much for everything!!

Beutiful view from Shona´s apartment.

Shona, Megan and Brandon.

I was so happy, got sushi for dinner one night!!

Suprise Haleigh!!!! Thanks Brandon and Megan for

coming out with me this night, I had so much fun!
Had a blast with Shona and Stephanie, thanks girls!

Ladies night, almost.

Watched the Canucks game at noon on sunday with

the biggest Canuck fan. They are lucky to have our Swedes,

the Sedins on the team.

Me an Haleigh at the beach.

Thanks everyone for a GREAT weekend!!

Heading back to Kelowna now.


May 21, 2011


Happy Birthday my dear friend!

Haleigh and I in Florida this past februari. Have a great

weekend my dear. Miss you!

Looking forward to a great relaxing weekend with some great friends. I will get tons of energi for next week.

Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it .


May 20, 2011


Some pictures of a great tuesday in Kelowna, Canada:

Skated with my girls in the morning. In the afternoon I had ice

practise with Dave, alot of skating and some shots.

Alivia and our two boys helped me out on the ice today,

thanks alot!

Alivia is skating with the puck.

Alot of tight turns for me...

..and some more.

Some boys got a kiss for their great work on the ice.

Played my first Softball game EVER with my friend

Grant and his team. Thanks guys!

May 18, 2011

Normal tuesday


2 hours ice

30 min off ice

Testing body fat


75 min ice



Watched soccer with my great friends



Today we had face off wars in practise, face war paint as well.

First time in my life that I had to do about 100 push ups

on the ice during the session, getting stronger!

Ice practise with just Dave and I.

Our ref got his face cut up today, girls are dangerous!!

How do you know when you have been on the ice for a looong time?!

Tired but happy after my extra ice with Dave.

Beautiful view on my way home from the rink, I bet it
is even better in Vancouver Haleigh?!! =) I have to
come visit you one day, and you have to come to Kelowna!


May 16, 2011


Want to congratulate three people:

Had number 55 on my jersey this past season in Burlington,

for a special person that supported me all my life. No matter what

I wanted to do, he´s been supportive. He´s been traveling the

world and cheered for me and my team. He´s been to every World

Championship the past 10 years and all three Olympics. My Dad

Hans is born 1955 and it is his Birthday today. Congratulations Dad!!!

Me an Dad this summer. Thank you for everything,

you are the BEST!

Kim graduated college yesterday, I am so

proud of you as a person, goalie and a student.

Kim and Elin, great girls, been my teamates and my friends

for the past 10 years of my life. We share some great memories,
love u guys!


May 14, 2011


My week:

Above the clouds on my way from Sweden to Canada.

Kelowna from a sky view.

Had a good start, right David?! No gas, haha.

Allmost fainted at my first practise when I did some testing.
Don´t ever stop training!

My equipment is ready to start working again!

Had sim. skating with the girls and David.

Great workout, good job ladies!

My lovely Kelowna friends, Pernilla, Chad and the best Grant.

Where are u Brandon?!

Had testing on the ice, skating and shooting. Dave videotaped all of it.

On ice 2,5 hours yesterday plus 1,5 hours of testing, off ice twice,

coulden´t be better!!

All the girls on the ice.

At the gym.

Dave showed my skating on the big screen.

My family that I am staying with, Rachael and Vince with

their 4 beutiful boys!

Have a great saturday / Danni