May 4, 2011

Had a great day down town Stockholm today, many thoughts crossed my mind. Good thoughts. I met my Sister, Mom and a great friend of mine, watched some soccer and relaxed.

At my sisters place today, looked at flight tickets. Heading to Canada, Kelowna to practise for a month. I will practise with some great girls and one of the best skating coaches in the world at Pursuit of Excellence. I am excited to practise and visit Kelowna again, I fell in love with the city, lake, mountains and the people the first time I was there 2009.

I follow the Stanley Cup Playoffs and I hope Washington and Nashville both win their games today and that Redwings get a win this wednesday!! And the Swedish boys will play US on wednesday to, Lets Go Sweden!!

Have a great day / Danni


  1. Neej! Det är ju bara Canucks som gäller här i BC så du får allt ändra inställning när du kommer :)

    Ses om ett tag!

  2. Om man bor i Kelowna så får man ju hejja på massa lag, alla killarna har ju sina sommar hus hos er =) Ses snart Kramar!!