May 25, 2011

Never ever give up

Just came back home from Boston Pizza, we watched the Canucks vs Sharks, Sedin & Co won and are in the finals. Hopefully against Boston. Thanks Grant and Randy for great company!

Had ice practise this morning between 8am to 10am with just me and Dave. It was tough both mentally and physically. And alot of practises will be like that but you have to keep up the good work and finish them. When you want to get better as an athlet you have to practise alot and step out of your comfort zone. That is not always fun or easy, but it will make you get better and develop, and thats what we want. It´s all about hard work, never, ever give up!

Hoping that I will find some great sponsors soon so I can continue my workouts and play full time hockey. I know I will I am just curious to know who it will be and who wants to work with me this year. I appreciate all support I get and I give back more then I get. If you have any questions or wants to support, let me know:

You can get it if you really want.


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