May 23, 2011


Went to Vancouver this weekend to suprise Haleigh on her birthday!

I was so excited!!!

Borrowed a nice car, wish I could keep it forever, thanks Dave.

Happy driver.

We drove past alot of mountains on my way to Van.

Me and my dear friend Megan. Thank u so much for everything!!

Beutiful view from Shona´s apartment.

Shona, Megan and Brandon.

I was so happy, got sushi for dinner one night!!

Suprise Haleigh!!!! Thanks Brandon and Megan for

coming out with me this night, I had so much fun!
Had a blast with Shona and Stephanie, thanks girls!

Ladies night, almost.

Watched the Canucks game at noon on sunday with

the biggest Canuck fan. They are lucky to have our Swedes,

the Sedins on the team.

Me an Haleigh at the beach.

Thanks everyone for a GREAT weekend!!

Heading back to Kelowna now.


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