Jan 31, 2011

Love The Way You Lie Part 2 - Rihanna (ft eminem) [LYRICS on screen]

Still my favorite song, just the first part when Rihanna sings..

Last couple of days

Some pictures from this week:

At Cade´s skating practice with all the kids, every
monday and wednesday. They are 3-4 years old.

Cade is doing great and I try to learn him to skate
like a really good girl =) I hope Ted does´t read this.

SVT (Swedish sports tv) was here and visited me,
I am glad you guys came Per and Marie, It was
nice to see you, thank you for coming!!

I took mine and my brothers skates for
sharpening. I am my own equipment manager..

Had a great dinner with my girlfriends, Dina,
Linnéa and Mary. We had alot of dessert, or I did..

Bruccetta ala Linnéa.

They girls showed me how to dance to the Xbox

Wonderful weather today, I saw the sun, me like.

Haliegh´s GPS today, written on a white
paper, love it!

We lost the game against Toronto today with 1-0..
I am so mad at myself that I could´t score and
that we lost. I hate to loose and this was one
of the toughest losses this season.. We went for
some food afterwards at Boston Pizza.
We where watching the Allstar game at the tv,
team Lidstrom won! Sommer is waving in the
I had pasta with chickenbreast and some garlic
bread, of course they have extra cheese on top!

When I came home we went downstairs to the
basement and watched Tangled, a lovely movie
from Disney.

Me and the boys in the basement, Fran joined
us later to.
Some games are just hard do forget, but you have
to move on. Next game is in Montreal, we play them
away next weekend. Lets go Ladies!


Jan 30, 2011

We lost against Brampton with 3-0 today. Tomorrow we will play against Toronto at 1.15 pm at Icelands in Missisauga. Look at the map http://www.cwhl.ca/directions.asp?aid=8


Jan 29, 2011


Brampton vs Burlington today (saturday) at 3.30pm,
Cassie Cambell Community Center.

My team - Burlington.

See you / Danni

Jan 28, 2011

Lovely comment

I guess I need a new wallet. But the one that I
want from Marc Jacobs is to expensive for me,
150 dollars.. I might have to make a wish..

I wrote that couple of days ago, and then I´v got this lovely comment:

Do not say that someyhing is too expensive for you, probably you are too exclusive for it or just maybe somebody else have to buy it for you?:) otherwise it will be like that always.. Making a wish- good idea:)
I like that Milana! Take care!

Manfred Mann - Blinded by the Light

Dedicated to my Dad- Till dig Pappa! Love this song, reminds
me of when we where younger and you drove us to practices
and the cottege (Öland). Have a great day Mom and Dad.

Lots of Love from me / Danni


It´s Sushi friday!! Yay!! I´v been waiting for this lunch forever, or since last friday. I feel better then the last couple of days so I am hoping to get well really soon. I want to be able to practice and play. So I have to drink alot of water and eat alot, and I love food so that It´s not any problem.

I think something really great will happen to me soon, just have that feeling.


Jan 27, 2011


3 days ago I woke up and had a sore throat, but I felt better in the afternoon and went to practice the first day. But now, two days in a row I´v been out of practice because of this cold. Doing everything to get better, hoping to be back on track tomorrow. We have two very important games this weekend, Brampton and Toronto. Look at the scedule at our website: http://burlington.cwhl.ca/schedule.asp


Jan 26, 2011

Boys practice

I had practice with a boys team over here
yesterday, Jr A Cougars.

Sometimes you have to step out of the comfortabel
zone to develop and that's what I did yesterday
when I was training with the guys. They are skilled
and better that I am, but If I wanna develop,
thats the place to be. I did ok and I had fun!

We had family dinner last night and then dessert
with Linnéa and Andreas at home. We watched
some hockey and had our favorite popcorn.

Jan 25, 2011

Thanks Nicklas

Just have to tell u about my saturday that turned
out really well:

We had a 2.5 hour ice practice. With alot of skating
with and without the puck. You should have seen
my face after that, pretty red. We needed a
tough practice, It felt good afterwards though.
In the morning I missed my brother Jareds
game, couldent find the rink at the GPS so I went
to my rink and was going to wait for my practice
to start. Got an awsome text from my friend that
was in town and got tickets for the game, Toronto
vs Washington. So Haleigh, I, Rhys and Ted went.
This is from outside ACC.
And this is from the inside, alot of people!
Rhys saw his favorite team win against Toronto,
glad that Jonas diden´t play in the net for the Leafs.
Nicklas did two assists, they won with 4-1, great!
Nicklas, I , Ted, Karl and Rhys after the game,
Rhys was happy and got their autographs.
Appreciate this alot my friend, Thank you!
Then we went to the Real Sports bar.

I had some dinner and drinks with my friends.

Haleigh and Ted, pretend to play
baseball. Thank u so much Ted,
you are a great person and very
sevice minded!


Jan 24, 2011


Time to head to Appelby Ice center for ice practise! Had a great day with SVT (Swedish tv), they came for a visit.


Relaxing sunday:

Blue sky and sunny today, -12 degrees.

Linnéa picked me up at three o´clock, and we went
grocery shopping with Dina.

Saw some great stuff, white chocolade. Did
not buy any, even though I LOVE white
chocolade. Bought food and some stuff that I
needed at Wallmart.

I assisted when Fran made dinner, Spagetti
Carbonara, tasted very good!! Thanks!!

Cade assisted to, but in an different way.

I guess I need a new wallet. But the one that I
want from Marc Jacobs is to expensive for me,
150 dollars.. I might have to make a wish..

Jan 23, 2011


You are like a lovely friend, always care about people souranding you.

There is like a power with your smile,

Keep on shinig and keep on being who you are,
...dont let them take you down.

With every sunrise you rise like the biggest sun all over the world.


Thank you sister for those sentences, I love you!

Jan 22, 2011


Yay!! My old team AIK won today, 2-0 against
Linköping, great job ladies!!

And the girl who dropped the puck at center ice
before the game started was my friend Fanny.
Great job girl! I taught Fanny how to skate when
she was 4 years old. I miss u guys, ake care Petra
and the kids!
Now its time to cheer for Jared at his game, then
time for me to practice, then time to head down
town Toronto, eat dinner with some friends and
watch Washington vs Toronto at the ACC.
Have a great Saturday!

Great Friday

Just so our Burlington fans know, our game against
Boston (today)on Saturday 22nd is canceled!! We where
supose to play at Appelby at 2 pm.
Had a great friday with family and friends:
Started out at the gym before lunch, and saw this amazing
4 year old kid, David Knapman, skated with Rodney
on the treadmill. You did great buddy!! Good luck!!

We had a team workout.

Preparing for a lift.

Our Team picture. From the left hand side, Scott, Me,
Haleigh, Nina and Scott. Great job! Thank u for today
friends, it was alot of fun!
A better one..

Then at 2 pm, time for Sushi friday!! We where
bunch of friends that had lunch together. We
had all u can eat, love it. Thank u all for coming!

Dena, Linnéa, Fran and Milana.

Ted barbecued for dinner, and the girls came over.
Thank u so much, its been a great day and evening!!
We watched Andreas on tv, he played his first NHL
game in Montreal and they won, you did great!!

Almost forgot to show our desert, fresh fruit
with white chocolate, amazing!!

Jan 20, 2011

Go Gnaget

Lets Go AIK!! They are playing against Södertälje in Stockholm right now. AIK are playing in the Swedish Elite League.

Folowed tha stats online on www.swehockey.se We lost that game to.. good luck next game boys!!


Keep up the good work

Wanna wish my Burlington friend Andreas Engqvist
good luck in Montreal. Yesterday he was called up
from the AHL Hamilton Bulldogs, he had one hour
to pack his stuff and then leave for Montreal.
Keep up the good work!
I am happy for you to Linnéa!!

Burlington vs Brampton

We played against Brampton last night at the
Cassie Cambell Community Centre.

On the ice with the Swedish film team in the background.

My linemate Kelly Hart.

SVT (Swedish sport TV) were filming at the game.

Viner is taking the draw.

We lost with 5-1... we diden´t play well..
Great job in the net Kess, you were awsome!

Jan 19, 2011


Gameday today against Brampton, 7.30 at the
Cassie Cambell Centre in Brampton.

Made french toast for breakfast this morning, and
my favorite oatmeal with apples and cinnamon.
Lets go Ladies!! We need a win!!

Jan 18, 2011

Heading down town Toronto now to watch skills competition in ACC.



My room in the basement turned in to a cinema.

Mark & Ted is working down stairs..

And now they are finished, look at this huge screen!!
Welcome to watch NHL and movies with me/us.