Mar 31, 2011


Left Canada for Sweden:

Had a great trip home, with a connection flight in New York,

to bad I diden´t have my camera when we where abow NYC.

My Dad and Brother picked me up at the airport, and Mom and little

my brother left a gift at my home, Thank you so much!!

Got three bottles of wine because I helped a girl at my flight,

was afraid of flying. And I don´t drink alcohol so I will give them to

some one special.

Went straight from the airport to my hair dresser and then to

the Swedish Olympic Association to se a great guy, Mårten.

New sticks for the World Championship´s. Bauer is one of my great sponsors. Thank you for a great dinner tonight Richard!! And a good walk. I was on the ice today, it was very hard to skate and my body was tired. Tomorrow I will be on the ice with AIK´s junior boys, wish my legs good luck! Danni

Mar 28, 2011

Last night in Canada

Thanks everyone for stopping by and saying good bye today.

Here´s some pictures from my last days:

We went out bowling.

Linnéa, Fran and the kids. Cade got a strike, yay!

Our nice bowling shoes.

D got some strikes, great job team, great victory!

Bye team, take care!!

Ted, Fran and her Mom made a good-bye drop in at their house

today. Here is my favorite Kennedy with her family. Ashley,

Derek and baby Spencer.

Lauren, Cade and I. Thanks for everything Ted Fran and Appa,

for a great day! So excited for going home to Sweden now and

prepare for the World´s.


Mar 27, 2011


I wanna thank the Nike store in Burlington/Oakville for your help!

Went for Bowling with my teammates tonight, Bowling Champion! I will show you alot of pictures tomorrow, promise!


Mar 24, 2011

Just Go

I am in Toronto during the hole day at Toronto Congress Centre. I will represent the company Just Go Marketing and sign autographs. Welcome!


Mar 22, 2011

Out of the blue

Driving to Montreal tomorrow with my Swedish friend Linnéa, her fiance Andreas got called up to play for Montreal Canadians this tuesday evening. So we just decied to drive all the way and watch him play. I am in the middle of beeing a hockeyplayer and a hockey wife, life is interesting sometimes. I prefer to be a hockeyplayer though, to do what I love the most, like alot of girls and boys out there!

In a couple of hours, 2pm (7pm Swedish time), AIK is playing the first semifinal in the Swedish elit league against Färjestad. We will follow the game online and cheer for AIK, I will have my favorite hat on! Best of luck guys!


Mar 21, 2011

It´s all the little things that makes life great

It´s all the little things that makes life great. I was talking to alot of my friends on the computer today. One of them is Amanda, a hockeygirl, she wrote:

Hi danni! I hope hockey is going well for you, you are my role model.
Glad to hear that things are going well! Really fun to follow your hockey career, looking forward to aim for your goals!

My quote is Live your Dream and Follow your Heart. Life is not always simple and easy, but never, ever give up! You can achieve your goals if you are willing to work hard.

My friend Andreas Engqvist got called up to Montreal Canadians today, Linnéa told me the big news today. Me and my Family and Friends wish you the best of luck!!


Mar 19, 2011


Got the invitation to the World Championship pre camp
in Stockholm that starts 4th of april, I am so excited!!
I can´t wait to see you all and practice and play with the
best, against the best!

This picture is from Vancouver 2010.

Tonight I will host a Goodbye party in downtown Toronto,
we will have a great night! All credit to Haleigh my friend!


Mar 17, 2011

AIK - Theory of Competition

To few supporters and the rest that diden´t believe in them, proud of
the boys and their staff, watch this:

Best of luck in the semifinals / Danni

Mar 16, 2011

Atlantic ocean

One more day in Orlando, here´s some pictures:

Cade woke up in the right mood with the AIK touque, prepared
for the last quarterfinal against HV71, and we WON!! Great job guys!

Rhys and I ready for a morning workout.

They boys wanted to join me, their company diden´t last that long
though. Rhys tripped on his shoe laces after 30 seconds and
Jared got bored after 10 minutes. I did sprints and core.

We went to the beach, and looked for sea shells.

The veiw was wonderful..

A crab joined us.

So relaxing by the sea, the atlantic ocean.

Better enjoy it while I can..

This moments don´t come often, I love the sun!

Alot of surfers came when we left, I will learn how to do that
one day. Hopefully next year.

Mar 15, 2011

Disney World & My life

My life is most of the time about hockey. If it wasn´t for hockey, I wouldn´t be living in Canada right now. My sport have been giving me alot of opportunities and I have traveled all over the world. I have met alot of great people that will be my friends for a lifetime and I am very blessed for that. I came to Canada for a reason, to develop as a player and a human, and I achieve two of my biggest goals. My team didn´t make the playoffs and that was not part of my plans, not to score the most goals or have the most penalties for my team either. But that´s hockey and that´s life, we get both good and bad. I will learn from my experience, and still have great memories for the rest of my life.
I have sacrificed a lot and put a lot of things aside, but for me it has been worth it.

I have two families, my Swedish and my Canadian. I have
lived with my Canadian family for 6 month now. They have
taken care of me since the first day I arrived in september
2010. I am in Orlando, Florida right now and spending
a couple some days with them before I move back home
to Sweden. I love you guys, Thank you for everything! This
season has been amazing thanks to you.

Thanks Lori and Pat for a great company on my trip down south. Outside our house in Orlando.

My lovely Canadian family, Fran, Ted, Rhys, Jared and Cade.

We been to the Disney world, we started at Animal Kingdom.

Went on a tour..

And met alot of amazing animals.

Some just wanted to relax and be in our way..

Some where cute..

..and some had power.

Went for a crazy ride at "Mount Everest", It was scary but
we still had alot of fun.

We met Goofy.

We went to Hollywood Studios. Blue sky and palm trees make
me happy!

Went on the Tower of terror, that attraction was not funny at all.
Me and Jared promised ourselfs to never, ever go on that one
again. It´s a drop tower thrill ride, an elevator that drops in
the dark..
We´v been to alot of shows, they have been amazing.

Rhys is happy.

Mickey goes green.

All the characters on the nighttime show, Fantasmic.

Everything is beutiful by night to.

I took Rhys hat so I could be as cool as Cade in the car
on the way home. The boys where talking alot as always
and Cad goes: Danni, do you have a boyfriend? You need
a big guy that is gorgeous. They are so cute my brothers.
Found my favorite treat when we went grocorie shopping, Lindt´s
white chocolate, mmm.. Bella, want one?

Seen alot of 3D movies, amazing..

Me infront of the castle at Magic Kingdom.

All of us after we went on the ride Splash Mountain.

March brake starts, alot of people in the park. Thank god
we are leaving the crowd.
We got a perfect parking lot, one of the best for the park. No wonder,
when we came back to get the car, we where surrounded by
handicap cars, oops! Glad no one saw us..

I want to live my dream and follow my heart trough the rest of my life. Thanks to great people, my journey is so much more fun, and alot of things becomes easier. I just wanted to tell you all a little bit of my thoughts and that I am thankful for this year. Let´s see where I will end up next year. Right now I am practising to make the camp for the World Championships in April in Switzerland. I have to get some sponsors so I can keep on playing hockey next year. That´s something I have to work on, I don´t get payed, I don´t have someone that´s working for me, I am my on manager and I have to to do everything on my own. Thank god for the sholarship (stipendium) from our Swedish Olympic Association, greatful for that!

Mar 10, 2011


Been so busy the last couple of days. Practise, eat, wash clothes and work on my to do list. But I love it, I rather have to much to do instead of nothing.

Was on the ice with the Oakville Hornets the other day.
Junior girls, good luck this week!

Enjoying every stride out there. Thanks to Bradi,
appreciate your feedback on the ice.

Me and the girls.

My lunch yesterday, home made pasta carbonara. Busy? No
just a normal day of my life =)

In the locker room yesterday after my shot lession. Had one
hour on full ice with my shooting coach Jeremy. Thank you
so much for helping me become a better player, VERY
much appreciated!
I am thankful to work with so talented and great people,
I am enjoying every day here in Canada!

Heading to the gym with my best buddy Haleigh, Twist
here we come!