Mar 5, 2011

Skating with the fans

Some pictures from last weekend:

We where promoting our league at the Marlies game in
Toronto last Sunday. And after their game we had the ice
so we could skate with the fans. We had about 200 girls,
boys and parents that showed up, It was great!

Jonas Gustavsson was playing in net, I was happy to
see him on the ice again after his heart surgery,
we wish you the best of luck!
Alot of fans showed up during the game.

Fabian Brunnström was playing to, and I met both
Sandy and Emelie after the game. Nice to see you ladies.

I was honored to sign alot of autographs.

I met alot of grateful people.

And alot of great girls that plays hockey.
Tristan & Faith, good luck girls!
Me and Haleigh with a bunch of hockeyplayers.

Thanks for coming out girls! And Thanks to all
the Parents that drove their kids and brought
them there. I wish you all the Best of Luck!

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  1. Danjela
    You are always kind with the supporters. The next weekend in Montreal, there are CWHL playoffs. I hope that Montreal will overcome Brampton.

    The 2011 IIHF Women's World Championship runs from April 16-25 in Switzerland. Will be you of national Tean of Sweden?

    (a old fan of montreal Stars)