Mar 7, 2011

Never say Never

It´s been a good day. I was on ice between 8-9 o´clock,
played a scrimmage (5 on 5) with a mens team. Went
home to watch a movie down in the basement, had a
2 hours naping time. Lunch, watched some hockey on
tv. Went for dinner with my friends and then to the
theater. We watched Justin Bieber´s movie in 3D.

Here is some pictures from the powerskating I run
with Ted every Thursday with the boys:

Me with all the kids.

Last week we had a special guest, Andreas Engqvist
joined us on the ice. It was very appreciated by the
kids and their parents, Thank you Andreas and we
wish you the Best of Luck with Hamilton Bulldogs for
the rest of your season, lets hope that you get call up
by Montreal again soon!

Me and Andreas are showing the kids some skating.

"The Swedish meatball" and the "skjuta hare", was two
of the exercises.

And my boys did very good!

Me and Steven in the midzone with a bunch of the kids.

I am honored to get to work with you guys!
Thanks for coming, It is always alot of fun!

Watched Due Date again down stairs the other night, a
funny movie.

Me in my new favorite hood.

Dena made us dinner today, lovely soup with salad and
bread. It tasted delicious, Thank´s Dena!

Me, Linnéa and Dena at the 3D movie today.

I am so happy that I saw Justin Bieber´s movie. I have
never been a big fan of him even though I like his songs.
I got the opportunity to hear about the story of his life.
Every human has their own unique story and this was
defenitly one of them. It was about how he became a
famous artist, found on you-tube and how hard he worked to
get there. How he is living his dream and appreciate all of it.

I will never say never

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  1. Awesome To See Those Pictures of The Hockey Practice.