Mar 28, 2011

Last night in Canada

Thanks everyone for stopping by and saying good bye today.

Here´s some pictures from my last days:

We went out bowling.

Linnéa, Fran and the kids. Cade got a strike, yay!

Our nice bowling shoes.

D got some strikes, great job team, great victory!

Bye team, take care!!

Ted, Fran and her Mom made a good-bye drop in at their house

today. Here is my favorite Kennedy with her family. Ashley,

Derek and baby Spencer.

Lauren, Cade and I. Thanks for everything Ted Fran and Appa,

for a great day! So excited for going home to Sweden now and

prepare for the World´s.



  1. Heeej!

    Fina bilder, ska bli så skönt att du kommer hem snart!

    Puss <3

  2. Thanks Sis!! See u soon!! I will miss Canada and my Canadian family. I am blessed that I met so great people!