Mar 10, 2011


Been so busy the last couple of days. Practise, eat, wash clothes and work on my to do list. But I love it, I rather have to much to do instead of nothing.

Was on the ice with the Oakville Hornets the other day.
Junior girls, good luck this week!

Enjoying every stride out there. Thanks to Bradi,
appreciate your feedback on the ice.

Me and the girls.

My lunch yesterday, home made pasta carbonara. Busy? No
just a normal day of my life =)

In the locker room yesterday after my shot lession. Had one
hour on full ice with my shooting coach Jeremy. Thank you
so much for helping me become a better player, VERY
much appreciated!
I am thankful to work with so talented and great people,
I am enjoying every day here in Canada!

Heading to the gym with my best buddy Haleigh, Twist
here we come!

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