Mar 16, 2011

Atlantic ocean

One more day in Orlando, here´s some pictures:

Cade woke up in the right mood with the AIK touque, prepared
for the last quarterfinal against HV71, and we WON!! Great job guys!

Rhys and I ready for a morning workout.

They boys wanted to join me, their company diden´t last that long
though. Rhys tripped on his shoe laces after 30 seconds and
Jared got bored after 10 minutes. I did sprints and core.

We went to the beach, and looked for sea shells.

The veiw was wonderful..

A crab joined us.

So relaxing by the sea, the atlantic ocean.

Better enjoy it while I can..

This moments don´t come often, I love the sun!

Alot of surfers came when we left, I will learn how to do that
one day. Hopefully next year.

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  1. Fina bilder sis!!

    Ses hemma snart!! Ska bli grymt puss