Dec 31, 2010

New Year

Wishing you all a happy new year! I hope you had a good year and get even better next year. I fly from Stockholm to Toronto tomorrow morning. So I have three more months in Canada and Burlington.

John, you will always have a special place in my heart!

Dec 30, 2010


Wish I felt better, life is hard and tough sometimes, but you can change it if you want to. It will take some time.


Dec 27, 2010


Had a off ice practise with our Swedish junior
team, U18, today. We had a one hour workout
at World Class in Alvik. Good job ladies!
They are preparing for World Women’s U18
Championship in Stora Mossen and Husby,
Stockholm. For more information:
They are playing a exhibition game against
USA on thursday at 19.00 at Stora Mossen,
come and cheer for our Swedish girls!!

I talked with my Canadien family on Skype today,

Fran, Jared, Rhys, Ted, Cade & Rhonda.

All my boys!

Miss U all, see u soon!


Dec 25, 2010

My Christmas day

I spent my Christmas in Tyresö with my family
and cousins.

Swedish Christmas food, Thank you Ninna & Bosse!
My cousin Anna with her Erik.

Fredrik and Sandra was distributed the gifts.

Sandra reads one of her rhymes,
they where funny as always!

I got a Christmas tree from my dad,
with money attached to it. Canadien
and Amercan dollars, lovely!
My family.

Me and my dad. He had to work night shift,
John gave him a ride to work. After that we
went to Mom in Vällingby, she worked day,
so we celebrated Christmas with her later.

Thank u all for the gifts! Appreciate it and
I love u all!
I hope my Canadian family will have a great
Christams today, back home in Burlington!

Dec 23, 2010

Merry Xmas

My last night in Burlington:

Me Haleigh and Nina took the car around
Burlington to see all the beutiful and crazy
Christmas decorations.
I found a penguin.

And Haliegh found some friends=)

We got a winner, good job!

My early Christmas gift from Bauer, a new
pair of skates.

We´v got alot of snow here in Sweden.

So cozy by night.

We had dinner last night, Bella, Tude, Alex and
Marcus came by. John made us dinner.

For dessert we had some candy with ice cream.
And then we went to Ericson Globe to watch
the derby, AIK vs Djurgården. Thank´s Hasse
for the tickets.
Anna and me. Where are u Bella? I want the
pictures of us all!

Went to the rink today with my skates and
I borrowed some pucks from Roggan, thank u!!

As always, the day before Christmas, we where
rhyming and wrapped our gifts.
Merry Christmas & Happy New year every one!!
Hugs Danni

Dec 21, 2010


Nice to be home..

My family made me dinner, it was delicious!

My family, Dad, Marcus, Alex and John.

Today I had Swedish hard bread with slices
of cheese and ham, I waited 3 months..

Home, grateful to have two homes.

We went fown town Stockholm, Me Marcus
and my sister. His car is not made for winter.
It´s cold here, -17 celcius, tomorrow it will be
- 20!!

I thought I had jet lag, obviously it was my Sister =)
Thank u Johan, team manager Sweden u20 for
getting tickets to my Canadien family! Good luck
tonight boys against Canada!!

Dec 20, 2010


Glad to be back home in Sweden!! After two delayed flights and over 14 hours of traveling I am back in Stockholm. Spent my first day with my family, now it´s bed time!


Dec 18, 2010

Last night

Just came home from my workout with the
adult class at the Twist. Today I have to pack
my things so I am ready to fly back to
Sweden tomorrow. I haven´t been home since
the middle of September, it´s been 3 month now.

Have a great saturday! To all my friends i Burlington,
Welcome to our last game this year, tomorrow
at 12.oo (lunch time) to Appleby Ice Center. We
play against Brampton, and we are going for
our first win against them! Remember the Teddy Bear Toss!
We will give back to the community. Join in the fun and
bring a new unwrapped teddy bear to the game. Your
teddy bear will be donated to the Childrens Ward at
Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital.

Dec 17, 2010

Sweden vs Germany

My national team won against Germany today
with 2-0. Tomorrow they play against Russia
and that will be a tough game, good luck!!

A team picture from the Vancouver Olympics
Have a great friday, it is almost over in Sweden=)

NHL Alumni game

Some picures from the game last night, it
was alot of fun!!

Our team before the game.
I am glad our first line scored alot of goals!

Mc Sorley vs Shaw.

Shooting competition in the second period.

Becky Kellar takes the shot.

Viner and Moulson vs Krushelnyski.
Got to try some nice big rings on after the game.
The scores was 10-10 after the skills competition
and the two periods of playing, to bad we lost in
the shootout´s, thank´s for a good game!


Dec 16, 2010


Playing tonight against former NHL players in Niagara Falls, 7pm
in Niagra Falls Memorial Arena.

For more information:


Dec 15, 2010


Me and Haleigh had a workout at the Twist
today. It so much more fun to practise with
a friend and to some great music!

Smart toner squat to row..
Same here.

Push ups.


For balance and stick handling, god I need this.
Just tried some exercieses..

Have a great day / Danni

CWHL’s Valuable Swedish Import

Check my interview at our website:

If you wanna find out more information of the teams and the league, if you
wanna know when and where we play games and might wanna know the scores,
go to our website:

Night / Danni

Dec 13, 2010


Our first snow came last night, when I finally
decided to go out for a run. I came back as a
snow man, my hole outfit was covered by snow.

Our house.

Met Haleigh, and we went for a walk in the beutiful
weather at lunch time.

Ice practice with the team tonight.


Dec 12, 2010

Toronto vs Montreal

Took my teammate Kessler to to game at ACC
last night, Toronto vs Montral, big game.

Me & Kess, thank u for everything. For driving
me back and forward to pracitses, and when
your Mom and Dad drove me from the airport!
And Thank U Mark for the tickets! Puno hvala!
A Happy Montreal fan!

Always cheering for all the Swedes!
Was cheering for Jonas team today,
and Lars Eller in Montreal.

-The price of success is hard work-

Union station.

The last picture before they took my camera,
my lens was to big to bring it into the arena.
Thank´s for the hot chocolate Stephanie!

Time for me to get out for my run now, I´v been
trying to get out in the rain for the last couple of
hours, brr!! Now it´s time..