Dec 12, 2010

Toronto vs Montreal

Took my teammate Kessler to to game at ACC
last night, Toronto vs Montral, big game.

Me & Kess, thank u for everything. For driving
me back and forward to pracitses, and when
your Mom and Dad drove me from the airport!
And Thank U Mark for the tickets! Puno hvala!
A Happy Montreal fan!

Always cheering for all the Swedes!
Was cheering for Jonas team today,
and Lars Eller in Montreal.

-The price of success is hard work-

Union station.

The last picture before they took my camera,
my lens was to big to bring it into the arena.
Thank´s for the hot chocolate Stephanie!

Time for me to get out for my run now, I´v been
trying to get out in the rain for the last couple of
hours, brr!! Now it´s time..

1 comment:

  1. Hi Danni! Really nice blog! Isn't Lars Eller Danish?
    Good luck for the rest of the season!