Mar 1, 2011

It´s been some busy days with alot of hockey and friends. This past sunday we went to watch Marlies play against Manitoba Moose. We where promoting the our league during the game and after the game we had skating with fans. Almost 150 people, kids and parents where there and we had alot of fun! Thank you all for coming! After the game, me and Haleigh went to get the car right outside the arena. And some car had pushed my car into a truck, so we where stuck. We tried to move it but it was to heavy. So a couple of gentlemen helped us to lift the car and move it! Unbelievable, first time I ever moved a car, funny. And the same night I got offered a job within the security business.

Today I am practising with my shooting coach in the afternoon and in the evening I have a practise with Appelby college. Hope I will have alot of energy!


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