Mar 31, 2011


Left Canada for Sweden:

Had a great trip home, with a connection flight in New York,

to bad I diden´t have my camera when we where abow NYC.

My Dad and Brother picked me up at the airport, and Mom and little

my brother left a gift at my home, Thank you so much!!

Got three bottles of wine because I helped a girl at my flight,

was afraid of flying. And I don´t drink alcohol so I will give them to

some one special.

Went straight from the airport to my hair dresser and then to

the Swedish Olympic Association to se a great guy, Mårten.

New sticks for the World Championship´s. Bauer is one of my great sponsors. Thank you for a great dinner tonight Richard!! And a good walk. I was on the ice today, it was very hard to skate and my body was tired. Tomorrow I will be on the ice with AIK´s junior boys, wish my legs good luck! Danni