May 14, 2011


My week:

Above the clouds on my way from Sweden to Canada.

Kelowna from a sky view.

Had a good start, right David?! No gas, haha.

Allmost fainted at my first practise when I did some testing.
Don´t ever stop training!

My equipment is ready to start working again!

Had sim. skating with the girls and David.

Great workout, good job ladies!

My lovely Kelowna friends, Pernilla, Chad and the best Grant.

Where are u Brandon?!

Had testing on the ice, skating and shooting. Dave videotaped all of it.

On ice 2,5 hours yesterday plus 1,5 hours of testing, off ice twice,

coulden´t be better!!

All the girls on the ice.

At the gym.

Dave showed my skating on the big screen.

My family that I am staying with, Rachael and Vince with

their 4 beutiful boys!

Have a great saturday / Danni

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