Jan 22, 2011

Great Friday

Just so our Burlington fans know, our game against
Boston (today)on Saturday 22nd is canceled!! We where
supose to play at Appelby at 2 pm.
Had a great friday with family and friends:
Started out at the gym before lunch, and saw this amazing
4 year old kid, David Knapman, skated with Rodney
on the treadmill. You did great buddy!! Good luck!!

We had a team workout.

Preparing for a lift.

Our Team picture. From the left hand side, Scott, Me,
Haleigh, Nina and Scott. Great job! Thank u for today
friends, it was alot of fun!
A better one..

Then at 2 pm, time for Sushi friday!! We where
bunch of friends that had lunch together. We
had all u can eat, love it. Thank u all for coming!

Dena, Linnéa, Fran and Milana.

Ted barbecued for dinner, and the girls came over.
Thank u so much, its been a great day and evening!!
We watched Andreas on tv, he played his first NHL
game in Montreal and they won, you did great!!

Almost forgot to show our desert, fresh fruit
with white chocolate, amazing!!

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