Jan 24, 2011


Relaxing sunday:

Blue sky and sunny today, -12 degrees.

Linnéa picked me up at three o´clock, and we went
grocery shopping with Dina.

Saw some great stuff, white chocolade. Did
not buy any, even though I LOVE white
chocolade. Bought food and some stuff that I
needed at Wallmart.

I assisted when Fran made dinner, Spagetti
Carbonara, tasted very good!! Thanks!!

Cade assisted to, but in an different way.

I guess I need a new wallet. But the one that I
want from Marc Jacobs is to expensive for me,
150 dollars.. I might have to make a wish..

1 comment:

  1. Do not say that someyhing is too expensive for you, probably you are too exclusive for it or just maybe somebody else have to buy it for you?:) otherwise it will be like that always.. Making a wish- good idea:)