Jan 2, 2011

Off ice

My stuff is alover my room, I will take care of that
tomorrow. I was glad that I got my bag, though It
was going to get stuck in Munich, where I had my
connection flight to Toronto. But I got out from the
airport 15 min after we landed, lovely! Thank u
so much Mike for the ride back home.

My mess in the basement.

I practiced with Haleigh and Scott at Twist today.
I needed it after the christmas break.
First warm up then time for some sprints.

Some legs and shoulders.

Today I will give everything I have, what I keep
inside I will loose forever.

Scott and Haleigh at the balls.

Some great sit ups.

I´v got some to.
Tomorrow I might go to Buffalo to cheer for Sweden
in the junior worlds. They play 3.30 pm local time.


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