Jan 10, 2011

Weekend in Montreal

I spent my weekend in Montreal with my team,
played 2 games, watched Montreal Canadiens
& met my old teammates.

I got tickets for the Saturdays game, Montreal played
Boston. Me and Kess went to the game. Great game,
Boston had the lead with 2-0, just minutes left of the game.
Montreal tied 2-2 and won in overtime.
THANK U Tim for the tickets, hope I see u
on the ice soon, need some work on my shot!!

A regular breakfast at the hotel.

Trying to get some pictures on my blog but the
internet was to slow. Me and Nina were roomies.

Kelly, Sam, Blanch and Dj Kess with her
new sound system.

Didn´t get our locker room until 30 minutes
before our first game, so we got this room instead,
pretty small.
On our way out on the ice.
Montreal is the best team in the league right
now, and they have some great players on the
team. We lost our first game with 9-3.
We played much better the second game. We had
a great game plan but we lost 3-1, but that was
a better one.
I hate to loose but I love to play against the best
and compete against them, that´s why I am here.

Nina played the first game, and Kess the second.

Congratulations Montreal for those two wins
this weekend. See u next sunday.

I did my best and scored 2 goals and one assist,
but who cares when the team loose, not me.
Lets play better next weekend girls!
Got to meet my old teammates, Cecilia and Alison.
Me and Cecilia played together in the Olympics
2006 in Turino och me and Alison played in
AIK together 5 years ago. Long time no see, I was
so glad to see u guys!!
Me with a bunch of Montreal girls, thank u for
cheering and good luck with your season!

On the bus back home, watching movies and
the girls in the back had some good stories..
Next game is against Montreal home next sunday.


  1. Bonjour Danijela
    It was a big enjoyment for us to see you playing the Center Étienne Desmarteau. We thank so much for your kindness to all Montréal fans. See you again soon play on February 5th and 6th the Aréna Léo Crépin de Châteauguay (near of Montréal). Good luck to you and to the Team Burlington CWHL.

    (old supporter of Montréal CWHL

  2. Thank u for your support!

    Best regards

  3. A reporter of ''La Presse'' (french canadian newspaper) speaks about you in the second part of his article: see http://www.cyberpresse.ca/chroniqueurs/ronald-king/201101/10/01-4358586-les-stars-sont-plus-que-jamais-en-vie.php?utm_categorieinterne=trafficdrivers&utm_contenuinterne=cyberpresse_B40_chroniqueurs_373582_accueil_POS2

    Bonne chance
    Geneviève, Montréal

  4. I love your attitude towards a game of hockey. Obviously its no matter if you win or lose, you always have fun. So, in saying that you Danni are always a winner. Keep up the good work!!!